+ The reason for being

I promise you as long as I live. /私の生きている限り約束しましょう

Everybody do it! /そんな事、みんなやってるよ!

My poor issue. /愚かな主張

Same name, but another parson. /同じ名前、だけど違う人

The reason for being /存在理由

What makes you think so. /どうしてそんな風に思うの

I love you what you are. /ありのままの貴方が好き

We had pledged themselves to each other. /将来を誓い合った仲でした

He sang of her beauty in a poem. /彼女を美しさを歌った

win a person's sympathy, lose your love. /同情を得て、貴方の愛を失った